Original Black Knight

Original Black Knight


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     In 1950, the guitar that started the solid body revolution was first put into production and propelled the world of guitar into the future with it's unique design.  Our Original Black Knight pickups are based on the tones found in those guitars.  The bridge pickup is thick, grunty and smooth while the neck pickup is deliciously round and deep.  If you make your paycheck playing overdriven rock, then you should probably consider the Original Black Knight bridge - you might just get a raise once your boss hears your newfound tone.  This one of a kind sound is only available at Rumpelstiltskin Pickups.

Material Black Vulcanized Fiber
Magnet Wire
Magnet Wire Type - Bridge 43 Gauge Plain Enamel
Magnet Wire Type - Neck 43 Gauge Plain Enamel
Magnet Grade Alnico III
Magnet Stagger Flat
DC Resistance +/- 5%
Bridge DCR 10k ohms
Neck DCR 7.2k ohms