Rumpel's 'Experience'

Rumpel's 'Experience'


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      Based on the early "gray" era of pickups(formerly the Experience set), Rumpel's Experience set is a unique take on this design that recreates and improves the warm and full sound of these pickups. No other pickup will give you the full midrange smooth highs of the Rumpelstiltskin Experience set.  The Experience set has the warmest tone and highest output sound of the Jester/Rumpel's Experience/Gray Gypsy sets. Only available here at Rumpelstiltskin Pickups.

NEW: Choose your Stagger!

For *right-handed guitarists looking to match Jimi's sound a little more closely we are offering "reverse stagger" for your set up pickups.

*Also works with left-handed guitars.

Material Gray Vulcanized Fiber Bottoms, Black Vulcanized Fiber Tops
Magnet Wire
Magnet Wire Type 42 gauge Plain Enamel
Magnet Grade Alnico V
DC Resistance +/- 5%
Bridge DCR 6.8k ohms
Middle DCR 6.2k ohms
Neck DCR 6.2k ohms