The Mini-Dragon

The Mini-Dragon


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The Mini-Dragon has an even brighter and more open sound than both it's cousin The Dwarf as well as the Rumpel-bucker.  With it's bar magnets aligned vertically and in the core of the coil, this is as close to a single coil sound as you can get with a bar magnet humbucker.  They still retain a warmth and fatness unable to be achieved in traditional single coil designs. The "Mini-Dragon" will bring you the best quintessential Firebird style tones available with a balance and sound only available with a carefully crafted set of Rumpelstiltskin Pickups.

Material ABS
Magnet Wire
Magnet Wire Type 42 gauge plain enamel
DC Resistance +/- 5%
Bridge DCR 6.8k ohms
Neck DCR 6.4k ohms