Terms & Conditions

The success of Rumpelstiltskin Pickups depends on the cooperation between us and our valued customers. We will always go the extra mile to produce only the finest electric instrument pickups consistent with our policy of "customers first" (in every sense of the word). And because we like to keep our doors open - making and repairing priceless pickups - we rely upon our customers to show equity in dealing with us as we will always make every effort to deal fairly and equitably with our customers.

Please take a moment to read through the following Terms and Conditions as applicable to your purchase with Rumpelstiltskin Pickups.

1. Exchanges

We do not accept refunds once your order has been placed. Exchange policy is listed below.

If you are not satisfied with your pickup(s) we will offer to exchange them for another stock model at no charge so long as:

  1. The original pickup ordered is a *stock* model, NOT custom. Custom includes special staggers, custom ohms etc.
  2. It is within 14 days of the original shipping date of your order
  3. The pickup has not been tampered with or damaged and is in otherwise original condition.
  4. The leads have not been cut. Please leave the leads long for a trial period as there is plenty of cavity space for this.*** Pickups returned with cut leads will result in a restocking fee of 15% ***
Notes: • We recommend a professional install of your pickups if you are uncomfortable with doing this work yourself. Pickups damaged due to improper installation will be subject to a fee for repair.   • We no longer accept custom orders at regular pricing. Many times we make a custom product that ends up being exchanged or returned and we cannot otherwise sell it. This is not a very lucrative business for one person to run despite what many people seem to think. I simply cannot continue exchanging custom items with mixed magnets, special staggering, custom ohm readings etc.   • Tele neck covers must beun-scratched and are subject to a fee if scratched* Please apply a piece of tape to the cover of your neck pickup, and leave the leads full length and in the control cavity for the trial period of your pickups.   • Customer pays all applicable shipping charges for returns or exchanges.  

2. Polarity Notice

We cannot predict the polarity of your current pickups, so phasing may be an issue when mixing a Rumpelstiltskin pickup with a pickup of another manufacture. We are not responsible for phasing issues when mixing our pickups with other brands. We will no longer be offering custom polarity and winding directions (with exception to certain custom artist model pickups).


I guarantee my work for 5 years which includes the following: • If your pickup fails on its own within five years, I will repair it for free. This guarantee does not extend beyond the shipped state of the product, including accidental involving physical tampering or abuse (electrical, liquids and solvents).

4. Ohm readings

DC Resistance:

DC resistance is not necessarily a factor of tone, sound or output. While this measurement is used in describing the resistance, or amount of copper in the bobbin, it is not an indicator of the tonal quality of the pickup.

There are much more important factors involved in a pickup's tone and volume. DC resistance is a very general if not vague indicator of a pickup's tonal qualities. Rumpelstiltskin Pickups winds to approximate DC resistances and cannot guarantee a tighter tolerance than 5%. Even machine wound pickups can vary in final DC resistance.


Temperature greatly affects resistance per foot of copper wire. Tension when winding also affects this, and while we take great care to create a consistent product, there is always slightly more tolerance when hand winding a pickup.

Other Considerations

  • Please note that while my pickups will fit almost 100% of guitars and covers out there, I cannot guarantee that they will fit every guitar, or every cover.*
  • Turn around time is always estimated and not guaranteed. Your pickups are made to high quality standards and these standards will not be compromised in order to rush the pickup order.